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The Founders, with over 30 years of experience managing risk, have been friends and colleagues for over 30 years as well.  We are tuned in to today's sophisticated market flow and have relationships throughout the FX and CFD industry.  

We have worked for both MT4 dependent brokers as well as brokers that have their own proprietary software.  Our start in the FX market was in the infancy of retail FX, and we have worked for brokers at all levels of growth, from startup to brokers with hundreds of thousands of accounts.  We can adapt to your individual needs. 

We, also, have relationships with some of the largest and best liquidity providers, but where we can help you the most is by providing you stability during chaotic market conditions.   We've seen it all, and we want to put our experience to work for you.


We manage your risk.  What exactly does that mean?  It means we will perform a deep dive into your book of business and into your accounts.  Then, we will classify your book and accounts into risk books according to your risk tolerance, broker needs, customer/book attributes and our comprehensive experience of risk.

We will also monitor your book 24 hours a day.  Monitoring includes covering risk as needed for your risk strategy, or ensuring that the straight through process is functioning properly by watching your net positions at all times.  We can also make trades with your Liquidity Partner (LP).  If you need an LP, we can help with that also.


We can tailor our services to you, but this is how we have worked with some other brokers:

Total Package.  A complete risk management package tailored to your needs.  Includes full monitoring, risk management and classification of books.

One-time Book Analysis.  This is a one-time analysis of your book of business.  We will do a deep dive into your book of business.  Then, we will advise you on classifications of your accounts and suggest risk books for managing your risk.

Regular Checkup.  This is a weekly or monthly analysis of your book of business.  So, we aren't managing your risk, but we are looking through your book of business regularly and advising you on classification of accounts and risk books for managing your risk.


We do a fantastic job managing broker's risk, but we've found that many brokers find our advice, regarding business decisions in FX/CFD brokers,  to be extremely helpful and money saving.  We grew up in the retail FX market, and we helped make critical decisions in some of the oldest retail brokers in the world.  Here are some ways we are helping other brokers:

Swaps/Rollover/Finance Charges.  We have an in-house expert who can help make sense of conversions, swaps, and interest charges.

Margins, liquidations, etc.  We can help you determine what is the best way to margin customers with opposing positions (i.e. long and short the eurusd).  Sometimes, customers will ask for better margin than you normally give.  We will help you determine whether that is a good risk for your brokerage.

Compliance requirements.  Some larger Liquidity Partners have compliance requirements that are hard for new, or growing, brokers to meet.  We can help you meet those requirements.


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